Fixing Our Uneven Ceiling

Well, we’ve stumbled upon our first snag in the renovation. It was only a matter of time and it definitely could be worse but until we resolve the issue, drywall will have to wait.

The ceiling is uneven. Very common in older homes as they settle over time and it often goes unnoticed. We probably wouldn’t have noticed if we hadn’t opened up the kitchen into the old living and dining room but now that we have, it’s shockingly evident just how uneven it is.

With a shrug of our shoulders we could’ve easily just ignored the problem as it didn’t appear to create any major structural issues, but when the time comes to hang kitchen cabinets and install crown moulding, the struggle will be far too real. The solution? Strap the ceiling joists to create a consistent ceiling height throughout the entire room.

Uneven Ceiling 2

James started by shooting the room with a laser level to find the ceiling’s lowest point. From that point, he worked his way out, attaching furring strips perpendicular to the joists every 16” across the entire ceiling.


The strips need to be shimmed and levelled at every joist intersection. In our case, that’s 550 locations all needing to be aligned, shimmed and secured.  Not ideal. By the end of the second day of James craning his neck to work on the ceiling, morale in our house was LOW.

Luckily, there’s now light at the end of the dark ceiling tunnel and we’re about a days’ worth of work away from finishing up for the drywall.

In the meantime, our plumber has been working his magic and we continue battling against all the dust in the house.  James got a steal of a deal on Amazon for a heavy-duty air filter that should hopefully do the trick. It’s a Grizzly G5955 hanging air filter, regularly priced at $326 but for sale on Amazon for nearly $200 less. Not my idea of an exciting sale item but I’m sure you can imagine how pleased he was with himself.

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