Well, There Goes the Neighbourhood

Home renovation. Two words almost guaranteed to put the fear of God in most married couples. Not us. We’re the exception rather than the rule. While many couples faced with a fixer upper would happily hold hands and skip away into a future of clean air ducts and in-tact cuticles, James and I have spent months seeking out the perfect project.

In many ways, we’re the complete opposite. James is analytical and pragmatic, if not a bit hotheaded at times. Comparatively – when faced with, say, faulty electrical – I tend to rely more on the belief that if I just leave the room, the problem will go away. I am, however, the resident optimist and see projects through a more creative lens. Despite our differences, knee-deep in a home reno is when you can expect to see us at our best.

When we took possession of our new house two weeks ago, we couldn’t wait to get our hands dirty. The wood panelling in the dining room is calling my name and just begging for a coat of white paint. The house has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2,400 sq. ft. of pure potential. We’ll be using this blog to document the transformation, keeping you updated on the ins and outs of each project as well as posting a slew of before and after photos.

Home Exterior Before

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